Study Tips for Commerce Class 11

Study Tips for Commerce Class 11:

CBSE Commerce class is quite challenging for the students who have just come out of their 10th Std board exams and are all set to choose a stream out of science, commerce, and arts. Commerce through appears to be an easy and safe option which offers a wide range of choice to the students, includes subjects which are totally new to them, like that of Accounts and Economics. Thus, to make this journey a more simplified and well-planned one, students must follow the 9 mantras to prepare for the new subjects and encountering new concepts in the process as well as prepare for the exams and score well. Here, find a few choice tips for studying Commerce. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

Study Tips for Commerce Class 11Prepare a Schedule

Prepare your schedule right from the morning to the time to get on your bed winding up for the day. Your day should start from some early morning relaxation exercises, followed by a heavy breakfast (remember a good breakfast is a key to a good day), freshening up and picking up the subject and start with it, never miss your meals, take adequate rest and never waste too much time in breaks. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

It is advisable to note down the subjects you want to pick for the day. Ad keeps ticking or crossing out as and when you complete your task for the day. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

Follow the Schedule

It’s not only important to prepare a schedule for a week, but also make sure that you follow the same. However, at times due to unavoidable circumstances, you might miss out on any of the decision tasks for the day, not to worry just push it for the next day or next week. Following the schedule relieves you from procrastination and builds your confidence as you keep getting done with your syllabus in an organized manner. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

Don’t have too much on your platter

Do not keep too many tasks for the day. Commerce has 5 subjects to be dealt with make sure all five are covered in a week. You might take Sunday as an off from your schedule because your mind and body need time to retain all that you have studied for the week. Do not take 5/6 chapters or concepts together and confuse yourself with it. Pick 2 concepts and do it thoroughly, drink it down. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

Mix and Match

Mix and match, yes, pick two subjects a day and keep switching (not more than twice) between the subjects. Keep rotating the subjects and the pair of subjects every week so that you not only get bored but also keep clearing concepts from every subject. For example, take a theoretical subject like Economics and a practical one like Accounts, a language that is English with a theoretical or practical subject, and likewise, try other permutations and combinations. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

Do not learn like a parrot

Do not learn subjects and concepts, the key to learning is not remembering but understanding each concept. A concept that is well understood stays with you always and you can write it well if once cleared from all doubts. Never leave a concept half done always seek help from your classmates or the professor in charge for better and clear understanding. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

Do not forget to feed yourself

While following the above mantras do not forget to feed yourself with healthy food. Food not only drives you to study better but also helps you understand faster. You are more productive when fed with healthy food and drinks. A filled stomach coordinates better with your mind and body, as it keeps you away from any sickness that might intervene. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

Take adequate rest and sleep

Adequate breaks and power naps help you regain and retain what is studied. 8 hours of sleep is what every student much necessarily indulge in one 24 hours schedule. Do not sleep for long hours and mess up with your schedule, this delay continues for the entire day. There is a thin line between laziness and tiredness. Take rest because you need to be fresh enough, to begin with, your next subject and not because you are lazy and would procrastinate everything. Study Tips for Commerce Class 11.

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