Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths

Here, we provided Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths. Maths tricks and shortcuts are the easiest and fastest ways in which you can solve mathematical problems in the upcoming Government exams. The quantitative aptitude or the numerical ability section is most commonly a part of all major Government exams and if a candidate can get shortcut tricks to solve this section quickly he may be able to score more overall in the examination. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.



Mathematics is an essential section of every government competitive examination. Whether it is SSC, UPSC, RPSC, RRB, IBS PO, CAT, Banking exams, Railway exams, or any other, you will find a quantitative aptitude in each one of them. This section covers a good 1/3rd to 1/4th of the weightage of the total marks of the question paper which makes it an even more crucial part to master in. The level of understanding of the concepts and speed of solving questions at your fingertips in the Quantitative Aptitude section is what ultimately determines the candidates’ skills. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.

This section is designed to test the mental capabilities of the concerned candidates and check how their mind works under stress. At Examsbook, we have provided separate topic-wise quiz sections with answers, formulas, problems with solutions, tricks with examples which will be related to number systems, work and time, boat and stream, percentage, pipes & cisterns, clock, height & distance, speed, time, and distance, train problems, arithmetic, profit & loss, interest, series, and other sections. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.

Examsbook provides you with a free online portal where you will find hands-on study material including mock-test papers, topic-specific quiz sections, etc. that covers the entire syllabus for the mathematical section. Want to excel in your exam? Boost up your preparation with us!  In this category, you will find the questions and answers, formulas, problems with solutions, and tricks with examples that will be related to Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, and other mathematical sections. You can improve your performance and ability with this category as well as your confidence. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.

Every year, thousands of aspirants appear for many competitive exams. Maths is considered to be the toughest part for exams like CAT, XAT, GMAT, BANKING, SSC, and other Government examination. Most of the candidates are afraid of maths, but it’s just a myth that one cannot score well in the Quants (Maths) section. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.




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The quantitative section is roughly around half of the question paper – directly or indirectly. It may include questions ranging from Algebra to Geometry & Data interpretation to Data sufficiency. No examination is deemed to be complete without a major role in this section. Thus, whether you like the subject or not, you cannot ignore Mathematics if you are appearing for a competitive examination. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.

So, here are some tips to excel in the Maths section:

(i) Strengthen your basic concepts- In a time-based exam, saving time can get you through more questions and this can be done just by learning formulas, identities, tables, etc. such as

  1. Memorize tables and squares up to 30, cubes up to 20, and prime numbers up to 200.

  2. Remember percentage related fractions up to 1/20 (example. ¼ = 25%)

  3. Remember important trigonometric formulas, Pythagorean triplets, etc. to solve oral calculations so as to save time.

This will result in speed solving in topics like Number system, Ratio, and Proportion, Profit & Loss, Speed and time, Vectors, etc.

(ii) Manage time properly- Competitive examination is a test of time management for every candidate. Therefore as a candidate, you should invest time in every topic rather than sticking to one. Suppose there are only 3 months left for your examination, your focus should be to use these 90 days for preparing all the topics. Try managing time in such a manner that the easy topics are covered faster and you can emphasize more on high-scoring topics.

(iii) Work Smartly- Rather than working hard, smart work is needed by applying shortcut tricks. Prefer applying hit and trial methods wherever possible as some questions can be solved simply by eliminating the options. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.

(iv) Practice daily- It is a well-known fact that ‘Practice makes a man perfect. May it be mathematics or logical reasoning, if you are practicing an area regularly there are fewer chances of making a mistake. Dedicate a few hours on a daily basis as it will make you an expert on the given topics. However, if you are not practicing regularly, then you might make silly errors during the examination.

(v) Enroll in test preparation program online- There are many online websites, some of them are free and others at a cost, you can sign up with those websites that prepare for the quantitative section. Having a clear view of the exam pattern and frame time accordingly, will help you to attempt more questions. This test is nearly similar to the actual exam and helps you know what really happens during the real test.

(vi) Determine your strength and weakness- Everyone loves to solve only those topics in which they are strong and due to this they skip many topics in which they are weak. This might lead to a waste of time and it won’t be fruitful in the end. Rather, try to focus on the weak sections so that you can master them. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.

These are a few important steps that will help you to excel in the examination. These will not only brush your basic mathematical knowledge but also helps in managing time for preparation. Free download PDF Complete Arithmetic And Advanced Class Notes Of Maths.

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